China 168mm Overburden Drilling Ring Bit, Pilot Bit, Concentric Drill Bit for Water and Geothermal Well Drilling with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

-Merchandise Short-

The drill human body of the solution is 42crmo. 42CrMo metal belongs to ultra-large-power steel, with high power and toughness, great hardenability, no evident mood brittleness, high fatigue limit and resistance to several impacts following quenching and tempering. Capacity, minimal temperature impact toughness is very good. The metal is ideal for the manufacture of massive and medium-sized plastic molds that call for certain strength and toughness. Alloy grade: YK05
Concentric reaming bit _ casing drill anchor drilling rig _concentric heel-tube drill bit
Concentric drilling equipment are mostly utilised in: difficult free damaged or gravel, and so on.
It is necessary to follow up the formation of casing at the exact same time, which has the gain of great wall safety performance and substantial drilling effectiveness.
one. CZPT drilling performance
two. Eradicate hole burrow
3. The gap does not bend out of shape
High air strain eccentric heel tube drilling instrument:Φ108Φ127Φ146Φ158Φ168Φ178Φ219Φ245Φ273Φ323
Minimal wind force eccentric heel tube drilling tool:Φ108Φ127Φ146Φ158
Concentric drilling tools:108 114 127 one hundred forty 146 168 178 183 194 219 273 324 406 
Specific models can be
Concentric drilling resources parameters:

DTH Drill little bit features:
Quick drilling and retrieval!Large efficiency, minimal labor intensity of employees!

DTH Drill little bit usage: 
Widely utilised in earth and stone CZPT mining Wells drilling construction tasks drilling Wells edge pillar help.

DTH Drill little bit product:
Medium/Minimal wind pressure DTH Drill little bit:eighty 90 one hundred a hundred and ten a hundred and twenty one hundred thirty one hundred forty one hundred fifty 180 185 two hundred 220
Substantial wind force DTH Drill bit:a hundred and fifteen 127 138 152 165 178 195 203 216 240 254 304

DTH Drill little bit kind:
Medium/Lower wind stress DTH Drill bit,Substantial wind stress DTH Drill bit

DTH hammer model:
Medium/minimal wind strain DTH hammer:CIR65 CIR70 CIR90 CIR110 CIR130 CIR150 CIR170 CIR200        
Substantial wind force DTH hammer:DHD340 DHD350 DHD360 DHD380 N125 SD12

DTH HAMMER software scope:
Widely utilised in metallurgical, coal, chemical, building supplies are not active mines and drinking water conservancy, hydropower, freeway and railway protection development projects, and so forth. Suitable for dry wind h2o mixing and shotgun-gap drinking water gushing moist procedure, reputable performance, is the best drilling hole and rock drilling gear.

DTH HAMMER software scope:
When the affect stroke starts, piston and disc are in the upper placement, air pressure passes through radial holes in the bonnet and seat into the upper chamber of the cylinder, drive the piston down at higher pace to affect the drill little bit. When the piston goes to the spline keyway of the bushing is closed, Pressure in the reduce cavity begins to rise, the heart hole at the best of the piston leaves the valve rod, ventilate the higher chamber, drop in stress finish of function excursion. When the piston hits the stop of the little bit, due to the fact of the higher and lower stress distinction, the valve disc reverses and the piston returns to the stroke repeatedly.

- DTH hammer bits benefits -

Drill Diameter The link specification Alloy (star) Stomates Weight(KG) Notes
fifty 29×4 5 1 1 With type fifty   hammer
sixty five 37×4 6 one 1.four With variety sixty   hammer
76 44×4 eight 2 2.two With kind 70   hammer
eighty 50×6 eight two 3.two With type 80   hammer
90 54×6 ten/eleven 2/3 3.9 With kind 90   hammer
one hundred 54×6 ten/eleven two/3 4.1 With variety ninety   hammer
a hundred and ten 54×6/60×4/65×6 13 two/3 six. With variety 90/100B/110 hammer
one hundred twenty 54×6/60×4/65×6 12/13 two/3 6.2 With kind 90/100B/one hundred ten hammer
a hundred thirty 54×6/60×4/65×6 15 3 seven.two With variety ninety/100B/a hundred and ten hammer
140 60×4/65×6 fifteen 3 7.9 With kind 100B/a hundred and ten hammer
145 60×4/65×6 16 3 8.2 With sort 100B/110 hammer
a hundred and fifty 60×4/65×6/90×6 16/twenty 3 eight.6-19.8 With sort 100B
/one hundred ten/one hundred fifty hammer
160 65×6/90×6 20/21 three 19.3 With kind 110/one hundred fifty hammer
170 65×6/90×6 twenty three 19.eight With sort one hundred ten/one hundred fifty hammer
a hundred seventy five 65×6/90×6 twenty/21 3 20 With variety a hundred and ten/one hundred fifty hammer
a hundred and eighty 65×6/90×6 twenty 3 21.6 With variety 110/a hundred and fifty hammer
two hundred 90×6 20 three 24 With kind a hundred and fifty hammer
a hundred and five 64×8 13 two eight With kind 340 hammer
a hundred and fifteen 64×8 thirteen two 8.five With kind 340 hammer
one hundred forty 82×8 14 two 12 With kind 350 hammer

-DTH hammer bits benefits -

The ball tooth:
It is mainly utilised for DTH drill little bit edge enamel, suited for quite hard rocks with powerful abrasivity.
Parabolic tooth:
It is largely used in DTH drill bit facet and middle teeth, appropriate for rocks with medium and hard put on.
Warhead tooth:
It is primarily used in DTH drill bit center teeth, suitable for abrasive medium hardness medium rocks. The comfortable rock can also be manufactured edge enamel.
Sharp tooth:
Primarily utilized in DTH drill little bit middle teeth, appropriate for delicate rocks with substantial drilling velocity and lower tooth fracture fee.

-DTH hammer bits benefits -

one.Due to the special inner composition of the DTH hammer made according to the newest drilling principle, it can supply the highest strength for the little bit, with large drilling velocity and minimal gasoline usage.
two.Due to the use of higher-quality alloy metal components and CZPT d processing engineering, the performance of DTH hammer is steady and its provider lifestyle is CZPT .
three.Since of the simple and dependable inner construction, the hammer is easy to disassemble, low failure charge and effortless to sustain.
four.Owing to the multi thread relationship of chuck and hydraulic cylinder, it is straightforward to independent the drill from the hammer.
five.Interchangeable with DTH bit and drill pipe.Our firm supplies minimal force DTH Drill bits and off middle DTH Drill bits.
We can make distinct requirements and distinct kinds of alloy ball bit in accordance to various requirements of customers.It is widely utilized in mining, tunnel excavation, underground plant excavation and other building sites.It is an ideal substitute for the identical variety of ball bit abroad, with steady quality and high value functionality.

Strata Grading Instructions

Quality 1 loose soil: CZPT ary loess, CZPT ary laterite, soft CZPT soil without gravel and breccia, diatomaceous earth
Grade 2 loose rocks: loess, laterite, peat, clay, sand, kaolin
Grade 3 delicate rocks: strongly weathered shale, slate, dry pasture and schist, a bit cemented sand
Quality 4 a bit softer rocks: shale, CZPT shale, oil shale, carbonaceous shale, calcareous shale, sand-shale interbedded, argillaceous limestone
Grade 5 somewhat more challenging rock: gravel and gravel layers, collapsible levels, argillaceous slate, sericite chlorite slate, schist, limestone
Grade 6-7 medium hard rock: chlorite, mica, slate, dry pasture, schist, silicified limestone, calcite
Quality 8-9 difficult rock: silicified mica, gneiss, basalt, diabase, pyroxenite, quartz HangZhou porphyry
Quality ten-eleven hard rock: granite, granodiorite, gneiss, rhyolite, quartzite
Level 12 Toughest Rocks: Quartzite, Jasperite, Cape Shale, Corundum, Quartz, Flint, Jasper

Rock grouping and suggested use of the bit table
Grade  name Represents Drilling pace Advised drill little bit
1 Loose soil redeposited loess,lateritite,Gentle CZPT soil totally free of gravel and breccia,diatomite fifteen/H Pineapple bit,slice,plain movie,Scraper coreless little bit
2 Loose soil loess,pink clay,cumulosol,Sand soil,Kaolin class 8/H Pineapple little bit,denticle,slice,Triangle,Bread
3 Gentle rock Strongly weathered shale,Slate,schist,Somewhat cemented sand layer six/H Scraper coreless little bit,Concave a few wings,slice,Breadslice
4 A small comfortable rock Slate,arenaceous shale,carbonaceous shale,argillaceous marl,calcareous shale five/H scraper,Recessed coreless little bit,slice,Bread,Breadslice,Triangle,Electroplated diamond
5 A tiny difficult rock Rubble and gravel layer collapse layer,Slate,limestone,Marble,schist three/H Concave three wings,Bread,A helmet piece,Electroplated diamond
6-seven Medium hardness Slate,schist,Silicified limestone,Calcite 2/H Bread,A helmet piece,Electroplated diamond,Hot pressed diamond,Innovative no.7 CZPT little bit
six-seven Medium hardness Slate,schist,Silicified limestone,Calcite 2/H Bread,A helmet piece,Electroplated diamond,Hot pressed diamond,Innovative no.7 CZPT little bit
eight-9 Tough layer Basalt,Quartz HangZhou porphyry,Fai CZPT rock 1.2/H A helmet piece,Lower-alcohol electroplating,Lower thermal,Progressive no.7 CZPT bit
10-11 Tremendous Difficult rock  Granite,granodiorite,gneiss,rhyolite,aposandstone .8/H Reduced-alcohol electroplating,Minimal thermal,Modern no.7 CZPT bit
12 Tremendous Tough rock aposandstone,jasperite,hornberg,corundolite .3/H Low-liquor electroplating,Lower thermal,Modern no.7 CZPT little bit

-Application Variety-


Utilize to:Drinking water Effectively Drilling/civil CZPT and infrastructure/for rock main drilling/geological coring exploration/Soil Testing and sampling /geophysical survey/mineral exploration and other industries.


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 SPEEDMADED is a chief in the manufacture and improvement of PDC bits in CZPT . We offer the greatest quality PDC coring drill to the industry, all kinds of PDC CZPT -coring drill traces. Our drill bits are employed for nicely drilling, mining and building contractors. Our drill bit has been analyzed and verified by time, with use resistance and CZPT drilling velocity. CZPT ent drill bits can be CZPT ized in accordance to various rock formations. The CZPT time is drastically shortened, and the optimum functionality is exerted in the procedure in the course of drilling. Our products are sturdy and trustworthy. Our merchandise are the chosen drill bits for drilling engineers in a lot of nations around the world simply because of CZPT exact layout and efficient drilling in the course of use.



Do it yourself CZPT ization: please supply your rock development info or detailed dimensions drawings.

Totally free samples: some samples can be supplied free of demand.

Trading:EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU such as.

Payment:T/T L/C,D/A,D/P,Western CZPT ,MoneyGram.

Shipping time: normally 7-twelve days





Delivery: there are four principal delivery channels such as air, sea, express and street transportation, which can be picked according to CZPT ers' distinct requirements.

Air freight logistics:DHL/UPS/EMS/TNT/ FEDEX,etc.






-Following-Income Services-

Expensive Consumer:

Welcome you to choose and use CZPT items appropriately!

The geological drill little bit created by CZPT company has a 6-month warranty interval.In scenario of abnormal scrap this sort of as sheet slipping, steel physique cracking, lamination of composite sheet, and many others., the company may make compensation if the scenario is confirmed by the quality office of the business.

If it is one of the phenomena detailed in the adhering to desk, it shall be considered as normal scrapping, and the organization shall not compensate for it:

one.Fall: CZPT r no much more than ten%, send out back again for replacement, wear no more than 50%, relying on the scenario, steel physique cracking: dress in no far more than 30%, deliver again for alternative CZPT r more than 50%, this sort of as artificial improper crack, do not modify.

2.Incorrect measurement or thread: New back for new.

3.Weak solder joints, damaged wing parts, and so forth. : wear not more than 20%, deliver back for a new CZPT r more than fifty%, this kind of as artificial inappropriate procedure, do not alter.

four.The difficulty of lamination of composite slices: It depends.



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China 168mm Overburden Drilling Ring Bit, Pilot Bit, Concentric Drill Bit for Water and Geothermal Well Drilling with ce certificate top quality Good price