China Plastic Twin Screw Extruder Machine for Various Pellets Making with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Plastic twin screw extruder equipment for CZPT pellets producing

Solution design for your choosing:
(Notes: CZPT ent uncooked supplies, the output is different, remember to explain to me what is the materials you want to make, I will recommend you the appropriate design.)

Kind TSH-twenty TSH-35 TSH40 TSH52 TSH65 TSH75 TSH95
Screw Diameter (mm) 22 35.six 41 fifty one.four 62.four seventy one ninety three
Screw CZPT (rpm) 600 600 600 600 600 600 600
Motor CZPT (kW) four eighteen.five 30 fifty five ninety 132 315
L/D 32-sixty 32-sixty eight 32-sixty eight 32-68 32-sixty eight 32-sixty eight 32-68
Output (Kg/h) two-15 15-95 70-a hundred and twenty one hundred fifty five-255 255-four hundred 450-750 950-1600

Solution specifics:

1. Twin screw major extruder: Main motor: CZPT ed "WEG"or "SIEMENS" Variable frequency motor(The frequency converter will instantly alter the frequency to decrease the frequency of the motor. The running existing will constantly run amongst 80%, fifty%, and 30% of the rated CZPT . This will drastically reduce the motor's working recent and achieve the effect of preserving electricity).

2. Gearbox: Warranty: 3 many years (2)Concentricity deviation of output shaft and input shaft: in .2mm (3)Both output shaft radial bearings are imported "IKO"and "NSK" bearings

3. Electric cupboard box: (1)Inverter: CZPT ed Switzerland"ABB", Japan"TOSHIBA","FUJI" (2)PLC: CZPT ed "SIEMENS" brand (3)Main electrical controller:"Schneider" brand name (4)Show of electric powered present:Japan "OMRON" manufacturer (5)Temperature devices: Japan "OMRON" manufacturer

4. Twin-screw Barrel

Bimetal put on-resistant and corrosion-resistant content, the foundation substance is 45# metal, following a number of forging, quenching and tempering treatment the cylinder is inlaid with α-one zero one put on-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy bushing, which has better dress in resistance and corrosion resistance than general alloy bushings.

5. Screw components

(1)Materials is W6Mo5Cr4V2 (substantial speed device metal) with the greatest dress in resistance, the total adopts vacuum quenching remedy, hardness is 60 ~ 62HRC (2)Made by the developing block principle, and the screw factor and the screw shaft are linked by an involute spline, and the screw mixture can be adjusted according to the process needs The screw elements are all made by CNC machining centre, with very good identity and strong method repeat-ability,which is benefit for shifting

6. Screen changer+Die-head: Quick open up die-head, convenient and CZPT , brief movement path of the machine head and less materials storage can considerably minimize the deterioration of the material's physical homes, yellowing, black spots and other problems


Equipment apps:
(Notes: Our device can be applied in the manufacturing of diverse plastics, these kinds of as coloration masterbatch, filler masterbatch, CZPT plastics, strengthened materials, recycling plastics, biodegradable components and so on.)


Our certificates:
Tengda has received CZPT -tech CZPT and Countrywide CZPT -tech CZPT award.
We have handed ISO,TUV,CE Certifications, more than 30 patents.

Our CZPT ers:

Relevant products:

1. Thoroughly clean the shaft, the internal and outer holes of the bushing, and the inner gap of the hub. Take away any oil, paint or grime, spot the bushing on the hub, and match the 50 percent holes to make full holes (every complete hole will only be threaded on 1 aspect). Lightly oil the threads and factors of set screws or the threads and heads of cap screws. Loosely location the screws in the threaded holes on the hub facet. Make sure the bushing is totally free on the hub. Snap the assembly on to the shaft and place it in the sought after placement. Tighten the screws alternately and evenly until finally all are limited 5. Hammer the big conclude of the bushing with a hammer and block or socket to stay away from hurt. The screw can now be turned a bit to the specified torque placing. Repeat this alternating hammering and screw retightening until the specified torque is arrived at. Fill all holes with grease to remove dust.
China Plastic Twin Screw Extruder Machine for Various Pellets Making with ce certificate top quality Good price