China PVA Water Soluble Plastic Twin Screw Polymer Extruder Machine Price with ce certificate top quality Good price

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PVA h2o soluble plastic twin screw polymer extruder machine price tag

Merchandise design for your selecting:
(Notes: CZPT ent uncooked supplies, the output is diverse, make sure you tell me what is actually the substance you want to generate, I will advise you the correct product.)

Type TSH-twenty TSH-35 TSH40 TSH52 TSH65 TSH75 TSH95
Screw Diameter (mm) 22 35.6 41 fifty one.four sixty two.4 71 93
Screw CZPT (rpm) 600 600 600 600 600 600 600
Motor CZPT (kW) four 18.5 thirty 55 90 132 315
L/D 32-60 32-sixty eight 32-68 32-sixty eight 32-sixty eight 32-sixty eight 32-68
Output (Kg/h) 2-fifteen 15-ninety five 70-a hundred and twenty one hundred fifty five-255 255-four hundred 450-750 950-1600

Product details:

1. Twin screw principal extruder: Main motor: CZPT ed "WEG"or "SIEMENS" Variable frequency motor(The frequency converter will instantly alter the frequency to reduce the frequency of the motor. The operating existing will always run amongst 80%, 50%, and 30% of the rated CZPT . This will tremendously lessen the motor's running existing and attain the influence of preserving electricity).

two. Gearbox: Warranty: 3 a long time (2)Concentricity deviation of output shaft and input shaft: in .2mm (3)The two output shaft radial bearings are imported "IKO"and "NSK" bearings

three. CZPT ctric cabinet box: (1)Inverter: CZPT ed Switzerland"ABB", Japan"TOSHIBA","FUJI" (2)PLC: CZPT ed "SIEMENS" manufacturer (3)Principal electrical controller:"Schneider" brand name (4)Screen of electric present:Japan "OMRON" model (5)Temperature instruments: Japan "OMRON" manufacturer

4. Twin-screw Barrel

Bimetal wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, the base substance is forty five# metal, following numerous forging, quenching and tempering remedy the cylinder is inlaid with α-101 wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy bushing, which has much better wear resistance and corrosion resistance than common alloy bushings.

5. CZPT elements

(1)Material is W6Mo5Cr4V2 (substantial speed tool steel) with the best use resistance, the total adopts vacuum quenching treatment method, hardness is 60 ~ 62HRC (2)Designed by the constructing block basic principle, and the screw factor and the screw shaft are connected by an involute spline, and the screw mix can be adjusted according to the procedure requirements The screw elements are all manufactured by CNC machining centre, with great identity and robust procedure repeat-ability,which is reward for modifying

six. Screen changer+Die-head: Quick open up die-head, convenient and CZPT , brief movement route of the machine head and less content storage can drastically lessen the deterioration of the material's actual physical properties, yellowing, black places and other problems

Machine purposes:
(Notes: Our machine can be utilized in the creation of various plastics, this kind of as coloration masterbatch, filler masterbatch, CZPT plastics, strengthened supplies, recycling plastics, biodegradable components and so on.)

Our certificates:
Tengda has attained CZPT -tech CZPT and National CZPT -tech CZPT award.
We have passed ISO,TUV,CE Certifications, much more than thirty patents.

Our CZPT ers:

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China PVA Water Soluble Plastic Twin Screw Polymer Extruder Machine Price with ce certificate top quality Good price